Fiorella (2005)

Be prepared to be transported to the world of sibling-rivalry in this heart-warming comedy about dreaming big.

Fiorella is a 16-year-old who knows what she wants, which at present is to be a Celebrity Chef like Emeril, and no one is going to stand in her way.  No one that is, except little brother Humphrey, who has had it out for his sister since time began.  From working at the family grocery store, to battling it out on National Television, these two aren't going to stop until the victor is crowned.  Watch as tehy wage war on each other, only to learn the true meaning of family, and that sometimes the best friendships are the ones we take for granted.

Jennifer Gizzio
John Davey
Lola May Peterkin
Carol Davey
Jimmy Peterkin
and Betty Lou Orlando

95 minutes - Written and Directed by Laura Beth Davey