I Hate The Lord of the Rings (2004)

They say that to make fun of something you have to love it, but then again you could always just hate it. Truth is, we tried very hard to like LOTR but found it was an exclusive community (of about 50 billion) and that no questions of any kind were permitted in their ranks. We went from forum to forum simply asking 'What does the ring do?' and got back harsh replies that told us that if we weren't smart enough to like LOTR we should just go watch car chases and explosions and stuff since that's all we could understand. So we said sure, and popped in T-2 for the 400th time. But we also decided to make this movie, for all those out there who wanted to question this phenomenon, but were being silenced by the crowds.

I Hate The Lord of the Rings is a full-length parody of all three Lord of the Rings films.  It uses the original footage with re-dubbed voices, and throws in a few sing-a-longs just for fun.